In Praise of the 2016 Infiniti QX50


In 2016, the crossover is king. Every consumer, it seems, is on the lookout for an SUV in lieu of a sedan. The compact crossover is the leader of them all in Central Iowa, and options abound. One of the newest options, the 2016 Infiniti QX50, is a fantastic option. We spent a weekend with it to see if all the compact crossover buzz was warranted, and more importantly–if adults could fit in the backseat (long the downside to compact vehicles).

First, let’s talk about handling. March Madness had hit Des Moines on this particular weekend, so traffic was HEAVY in downtown Des Moines. The QX50, however, made quick work of the out-of-town congestion. The size of the SUV itself, coupled with the quickness of the 7-speed automatic transmission and 325 HP V6 engine helped navigate through downtown with ease. The sightlines were also a perfect mix between a tall SUV and a short sedan. The stance of the QX50 allowed for plenty of visibility, but also allowed the vehicle to move in and out of traffic like a sedan.
















Most interesting was Infiniti’s claim of a larger backseat. While the new QX50 largely resembles it’s old brother, the EX35, the biggest change is the interior space. With the longer wheelbase, the rear seats gained 4.6 inches of legroom! The photos below prove that a 6’2″ man can sit behind himself, comfortably.




























The QX50 gained several inches of legroom, but also kept its cargo space. Although the week’s grocery trip wasn’t much to shout about, the remaining space in the back of the QX50 is very apparent.
















Overall, the 2016 Infiniti QX50 is the perfect blend of sedan and SUV, giving you the space you need for both cargo and passengers while remaining a fun and easy vehicle to drive around central Iowa.

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