5 Reasons To Fall In Love With The Lexus RC 350


The introduction of the 2015 RC 350 this year certainly heralded Lexus’ new design direction. It was lauded as ‘stylish’, ‘bold’, and ‘daring’ by numerous automotive and consumer publications. Now that the RC has been around for the year, we decided to take it for a spin to discover what we truly love about this Lexus sports car.

Styling, Styling, and Styling


It really cannot be stressed enough how gorgeous this car is. Our vehicle, in particular, was the F-Sport model–complete with wheel and body upgrades, some interior styling cues, and a fun ‘Sport+’ transmission setting (more on that at a different time).

From the large, sinister ‘spindle’ grille to the rear vent styling, we agree this could be Lexus’ most beautiful vehicle yet. In any color, this sexy coupe’s lines certainly please the eye–turning heads wherever we went.

The Seats–Oh, The Seats


In this particular model, equipped with the F-Sport package, we were able to try out the ‘sport’ seats. For those of you who know sports cars, you would assume that meant that these seats were firm and generally uncomfortable. Not these, however. These seats could be useful both on a roadtrip to Chicago or a quick track jaunt. The side bolsters held in nicely, but the feel was not as firm as you expect from a sports car. They are truly some of the most comfortable we’ve sat in.

In Touch with Lexus Remote Touchpad


For those of you who have experience with the Lexus Remote Touch system found in most of our Lexus vehicles, you will love having the ‘mouse-free’ system in the RC 350. Navigation of the system is the same we’re used to in the Lexus Enform system, except now we control it by just one fingertip. The haptic feedback lets you know when you land on an app, and a simple push of the pad selects it. Fun and easy to use.

How Fast Am I Going? 


One of the most fun tech features on the RC 350 F-Sport model is the LFA supercar-inspired gauge cluster. It gives you all the important information you need, without any extra stuff to distract you. What? You want more information? Well, then with one touch of a button the bezel moves over and reveals a screen with all available information at your fingertips!


Did We Mention Styling?


Ok, we know we already covered how the Lexus RC 350 looks, but we couldn’t help it.

Overall, this is one of Lexus’ most gorgeous vehicles to date, as well as absolutely a blast to drive. The chassis is firm but not nearly uncomfortable (what train tracks?), the transmission is smooth (try the paddle shifters!), and the road noise is kept to a minimum (but engine noise can be pumped through the cabin with the flick of a switch).

Final verdict? With Lexus’ new styling direction, comfortable and fun to drive interior, and Lexus’ legendary reliability, this RC 350 is sure to be one of your favorite vehicles to own. Did we mention it also comes in all-wheel drive?

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